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Needing A New Laptop; Or Thinking About A ChromeBook?
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While the software may not be able to fix all of an old machine’s problems, it’s a great way to bring to an old laptop back to life and at least make it usable again without having to pay for new hardware or an expensive repair.

Neverware has a long list of models that the company has already successfully tested the software on — but even if your laptop isn’t on there, it’s still worth a try since it’s free!

Important note: You should back up anything on your old laptop that you don’t want to lose before installing the software.

How to install the software on an old laptop
On a newer computer, download the software from Neverware’s site onto a USB drive (needs at least 8 GB of storage space).
Go to the Google Chrome store and download the Chromebook Recovery Utility. Once it’s downloaded, open the program –> click the gear icon –> choose ‘use local image’ –> select the .zip file you already downloaded on the external USB drive.
Plug the USB into the old laptop and boot it up from the USB. Here are directions on how to do that.
Click on the system tray (or menu bar) and click ‘Install CloudReady.’ The software will take you through a setup process and will give you the option to erase the hard drive and start fresh (as a Chromebook) or keep your old data and operating system on the computer.
When the installation process is complete, the computer will shut down automatically. Remove the USB and turn the laptop back on.

NeverWare's Site:
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Image Download (Home Version Is Free):
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64Bit Version - 32Bit Version - USB Installer Maker
ChromeBook Recovery Utility:
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More Directions:
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MAC (Computer) Installation Guide:
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